Student Visa

We provide Holistic Student and Immigration consulting. After your studies finish, we advise on Work/Permanent Residency and the appropriate Visas for your Spouse/Dependent Family. New Zealand is a go-to destination for students from around the world and can be competitive. Through RGV, and its network of trusted partners, we provide education and career counseling to ensure you are selecting a course that matches your career goals and is also balanced by the macroeconomic trends and is more likely to provide greater job prospects. We handhold the student from beginning to end; the course selection, university/polytech shortlist, the college application and the student visa process.

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Spouse Visa

Outside of Student Visas, all other visas for New Zealand must be submitted by an IAA Licensed Adviser including Spouse Visas, Visitor Visas, Work Visa – Essential Skills, Tourist Visas and Residence Applications. We work closely with the student’s spouse, children and dependent parents and/or other family members. We look at each case holistically and ensure our advice meets the end goals of the family. RGV is well known in the industry for its high success rates for all visa applications submitted.

Declined Visa

Your existing application may have been filed with another agent and you may have received a Letter of Concern, a Decline and/or a Character Concern while in New Zealand, in India or overseas. You can still reach out to RGV for advice and assistance to turn your situation around. We have often reviewed files prepared by other agents and are able to provide strategic guidance to understand the perspective of the Visa Officer and to address their concerns more holistically and comprehensively.

Settling & Support

It is a big change to move to New Zealand for students and their families. We have an extensive network of past clients and partners that we can draw on to support you with this transition as much as possible. We can provide advice and recommendations for your flight bookings, accommodation needs, airport pick ups, bank set-up, foreign exchange and medical insurance. RGVs goal is to build a long term relationship with our clients.

Success Visa

RGV and our team of skilled consultants have been working in the industry for decades and provide you with all the support to prepare a successful application. We help with student, spouse and other visa interview preparation, with the experience and understanding of what information Visa Officers are typically looking for. We prepare a buttoned-up file and do all work, bank and other education verifications that assists both the applicant and INZ, and maximizes the chances for success.

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