Don’t Waste $ on Isolated Advice

Indian woman seeking professional advice

Yesterday I received a call from a client, whose wife was sent as a student to New Zealand by a Student Agent. Upon further discussion and questioning, I discovered that he had not completed his studies on an earlier visit to United Kingdom and had overstayed. This would make it impossible for him to even get a temporary entry visa for New Zealand.

These are details that ideally should have been uncovered by an agent or adviser when planning his wife’s student application. Because now, he has spent 15 lacs of funding on her education and they have had to live apart from each other for 3 or 4 months. Although the immediate visa application required was a student visa, the end goal they had as a family was for him to follow as a spouse and eventually to work towards getting permanent residence.

His wife will now have to return after her course is completed. And they will be back to square one, minus the funds they paid for her education. The only person who gained from the situation was the student agent, who got his commission and is out of there and no longer responsible.

A licensed adviser may say things you don’t always like, and may cost more, but they will always save you pain, time and money in exchange for honest advice.