The Final Student Check List

Indian student making a list

Do you feel ready? Are you sure? Take a look at this checklist and make sure you’re ready. This will help ensure your big move is stress-free and that nothing gets left undone.

Entry and Documentation

  • Has all of your paperwork been completed and approved?
  • Have you successfully completed your embassy interview?
  • Have you received your visa?
  • Will your passport be current for the entire duration of your course?
  • Do you have multiple recent photographs of yourself along with your passport?

Your Education

  • Are your financial concerns completely settled with your university?
  • Have you scheduled all your classes?
  • Has your paperwork and documentation been turned in and approved?
  • How much time is between your arrival and the first day of classes?
  • Have you purchased your text books and other school supplies?
  • Have you spoken to a university adviser to ensure that your schedule is correct according to your program of study?

Your Housing and Accommodations

  • How will you be getting to where you are staying? Will a friend, roommate or a university representative pick you up, or will you be taking public transportation or a taxi?
  • Where will you be staying for the duration of your studies?
  • Have you paid all of the deposits or bonds in order to receive the keys to your apartment, house or residence hall?
  • Will your housing be available to you as soon as you arrive? If not, where will you be staying until it is available?


  • Have you spoken to a physician at home to ensure you are fit for travel?
  • Do you have all of the necessary vaccines based on your destination’s laws?
  • Have you set up an appointment with a physician in the specific country of to write a new prescription for your current medications?
  • Do you have insurance that is valid in the country of your destination? 

Packing the Essentials

Before you begin packing, make a list of the most important items you will need while being away and do some research on the country and its climate. Some websites we recommend are:

***New Zealand’s packing advice for international students

***Her Campus’ packing list

While it may be tempting to bring everything you have at home, travelling with so much may make the process much more difficult for you. Shipping a box ahead of yourself that is filled with clothes and other items will ensure you will have the necessary items all ready upon your arrival.  Most toiletries, food, and other common items may easily be purchased once you have settled into your new home.

Other Concerns

  • What will you use for daily transportation?
  • Have you purchased an international cell phone or international phone card?
  • Do you have enough funds in savings for a medical or personal emergency?
  • Do you have all of your family, friends, and emergency phone numbers and emails written down?
  • If you have any questions, reach out to your counsellor!