5 Tips What NOT To Do With Your Visa

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I’ve always found it so difficult to see students and other young adults make silly mistakes that spoil, what would have been an easy case to get approved. I’ve tried to prepare a short list of the most common such errors and ask you all to keep note.

  1. Never lie or with hold information from your IAA Licensed Adviser. They will only be able to assist you if they are aware of all the facts and have all the correct documents. Regardless to say, never try to falsify or forge any documents either. You will get caught and your visa will get denied on character grounds.
  2. Please note – students are only allowed to work for 20 hours in a week and 40 hours during school holidays. It can be tempting to make extra cash but think of the long term picture. Adhere to this stringently. If you are caught working extra hours you could be deported.
  3. Spouses traveling on visitor visas are not allowed to work. Again, do not avoid this rule or work for cash. This will result in your visa being cancelled, you will risk deportation and you will also bring a bad name to all other students from your country.
  4. If due to any reason your visa is declined while you are in New Zealand please leave the country immediately. There is still hope of challenging and changing the decision by working with a Licensed Adviser, if you are not Illegal. Once you have overstayed, there is no hope for you.
  5. All students / spouses are requested never to hide previous declines from any country in their application. Immigration New Zealand (INZ) will find out and your application will be declined on character grounds.

Once again, you are safest working with a Licensed Adviser who will watch out for you and strategically advise you on your long term needs and goals, and will let you know if your case is likely or unlikely to get approved.