Planning to Move to New Zealand? RGV Helps

Female professional giving advice to young Indian student

Many people are stalling their plans to move to New Zealand, owing to the continued Covid-19 pandemic and the crisis associated with it. If you are one amongst them, worry not. Usually, during such a global crisis, countries tend to change their approach towards immigrant population, both who have migrated into their soil as well as those who have applied for a visa and are looking forward to. But New Zealand is one nation that is very warm and welcoming to the global population, be it tourism, study, or work. In fact, New Zealand Immigration supports the idea of its visa holders staying with their families. This is a gesture this country shares to the outside world, to keep your family close to you. After all, that is the way to a happy life.

Once the global lockdowns open and New Zealand is ready to embrace people into their homeland, there will be a plethora of opportunities for you to plan your move to New Zealand and study, work or settle there with your loved ones.

One of our clients, Neena Dhingra, a Delhi-based teacher with over 6 years of experience in teaching and coaching wanted to move to NZ with her family. “New Zealand is good for teachers. There are a lot of vacancies which need to be filled due to shortage of teaching staff in schools and colleges,” she says. “One of my friends told me about Rajni Garg and when I approached her, she gave me the best advice to help me move swiftly to NZ.”

“There are various levels of courses. Rajni Garg advised me to go for level 9, as she is well adept with all the knowledge and answers required for NZ immigration. She asked me to apply before October 2018 for a level 9 course. My course started in Jan 2019 and by November 2019, my course ended. Although the course was quite rigorous, yet there was a lot to learn. My course ended on the 8th of November and by the 12th of November, within a week, I had a job in my hand. Being an NZ Immigration advisor, Rajni ma’am told me what was best for me,” says Neena. “I have seen people getting desperate to move to NZ and take up the wrong advice and go for the wrong courses. I would suggest it is always better to go to someone who gives you the right advise.”

Within three months, with the support of Rajni Garg, Neena got her family visa and now she along with her husband and kid got their NZ residency visa. She now works as a primary school teacher, for class 5 and 6 in St. John The Evangelist Catholic School and stays happily with her loved ones by her side.

Rajni Garg is a trusted Licensed Immigration Advisor for New Zealand and is an expert in visitor, work, and student applications. She has a reputation across India and Asia-Pac for her high success and approval rates on the most challenging of visa applications. Rajni Garg Visa, her directorial venture, works closely with clients and provides them with a clear end-to-end solution for the entire process. It is well known in the industry for its high success rates for all visa applications submitted. RGV has an extensive network of past clients and partners that we can draw on to support you with this transition as much as possible.