RGV Helps You Make The First Move for New Zealand

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Are you planning to move to New Zealand or settle there with your family? New Zealand Immigration supports the idea of its visa holders staying with their families. After-all, who would want to stay away from their partner / spouse or kids!

A country as appealing as New Zealand offers a range of visa options for partners / spouse and children. You can join your partner or spouse while they study in New Zealand. Your kids can get enrolled in state-run schools and get free education while you work or study in the country. Your spouse can get a work visa while you study there.

One of our clients, Devendra Yadav, whose wife was studying in NZ went on his spouse visa. “We had a well-travelled passport and had been to NZ a couple of times earlier, so we had identified what was required to be done. My wife applied for student visa and based on her visa I applied for a work visa. It worked out pretty well for us. We had a very good experience with Rajni Garg. It’s a very professional set-up and they were very helpful in dealing with our case,” he says. Given their credentials and experience, Devendra and his wife got their NZ PR (permanent residence) in a very short time.

While Devendra was in a position to travel to New Zealand before planning to get a work Visa, it won’t be possible for many of you to travel extensively and visit the country in order to get a feel of it before you move. Rajni Garg is a trusted Licensed Immigration Advisor for New Zealand and is an expert in visitor, work and student applications. She has a reputation across India and Asia-Pac for her high success and approval rates on the most challenging of visa applications.

Rajni Garg Visa, her directorial venture, works closely with clients and provides them with a clear end-to-end solution for the entire process. It is well known in the industry for its high success rates for all visa applications submitted. RGV has an extensive network of past clients and partners that we can draw on to support you with this transition as much as possible.