Struggling for Work Visa? Find Out Why You Should Consider NZ

Indian student reading a book

Not getting a work visa even after studying in UK/US? New Zealand is where you should look.

US President Donald Trump’s American-centered law enforcement and restrictive policies on immigration, particularly the H1-B visa, have led to a pool of highly qualified Indian professionals or students, abandon the great American dream. On the other hand, Brexit has left people unclear of the newer procedures and eligibility criteria which eventually lead them in a cycle of an unending waitlist. With the US and the UK are slowly shutting their doors with stricter visa norms, students are being forced to make tough choices in terms of pursuing higher studies and
eventually develop a career in a different country, one like New Zealand. Earlier, NZ was perceived as the ‘Plan B’ of professionals and students who couldn’t afford to get into the US or the UK. But with such global developments, things have now started to change downunder, for good. Such a shift in policies has discouraged students, especially those in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), preventing them from taking up jobs which could allow them to stay in the country.

On the other hand, NZ has an inclusive and diverse multinational culture with a robustly growing economy, which needs investment and skilled labor. In fact, the student traffic from India to NZ has been ticking up consistently in the past few years. Here, students would not have to worry about the security of a good future and a good career. Moreover, NZ is witnessing a rapid proliferation of medium and high tech industries. This would mean that there would be ample opportunities for Indian nationals to give it a shot and contribute to the much-needed investments and skills.

The Indian market has a relatively young, dynamic and ambitious population which is seeking newer pastures to study or work. With the scenarios getting bleak in the US, UK and the likes, New Zealand is emerging as a new destination which has a lot to offer to its immigrants. In terms of stability and equality in jobs or equality in the pursuance of higher studies, NZ is one of the world’s top countries.

From what we see, NZ offers a clear path for students and professionals alike, to study, work and ultimately attain a permanent residence. Unlike the US and UK, where even after spending a lot of money in higher studies and getting a job offer, one can’t do much about getting a permanent
residence. So with NZ, it’s a good proposition.