What is An IAA Licensed Adviser

Female professional giving immigration advice

Looking for a trusted immigration adviser can seem like a daunting task.  With many different types of advisers and individuals claiming to give advice without being licensed, it is important to do some research and understand what you are looking for.

In 2007, the Government of New Zealand passed a law that required all those giving immigration advice in New Zealand or offshore to be licensed unless explicitly exempt under the Immigration Advisers Licensing Act 2007.  Those exempt may be lawyers, offshore student advisers, Citizens Advice Bureau employees and volunteers, Immigration New Zealand, and Community Law Centre employees.

In order to become a licensed adviser, one must meet the competency standards and the professional code of conduct set forth by the Government of New Zealand. An advisers licence must be renewed annually, so keep in mind that because someone once was an adviser, it does not mean they are fit to advise you in any way without an updated license.

What can a licensed adviser do? They can help you explore different types of visas, prepare your visa application, become settled in New Zealand, assess whether you can appeal a declined visa and asses your options if you are in New Zealand unlawfully. Only a licensed immigration adviser or a person who is exempt can give advice on the immigration process, whether the advice is direct or indirect, or whether or not it was paid for. This helps regulate the immigration industry to ensure that you will receive honest, ethical advice from a reputable adviser.

The risks of using a person who is not licensed can negatively impact your application process. INZ will declined and returned your application if it has come from unlicensed people, unlicensed advisers may be dishonest with you or INZ. Lying on your visa application is a criminal offense which may affect your future visas or jobs, and may even result in deportation. Stay away from people who refuse to put their names on your application and ask you to sign a visa application before it has been filled out.

In sync with our core values, we strongly discourage and refuse to support the use of fraudulent or deceitful practices in means of obtaining a visa or pursing studies overseas. Our team is led by a trusted and licensed immigration adviser. With years of immigration experience that has resulted in a high success rate, Rajni Garg is able to ensure her clients a professional service that benefits from her knowledge and integrity and maximizes your chances of a successful application.